Healthcare and First Aid Kit

Recommended Healthcare and First Aid Kit


Petrolium Jelly

Antibacterial wipes


Eye drops/cleaner

Animalintex poultice,


Gamgee 30cm,

SKINTACT 10cm x 10cm


Tough cut scissors

Cleansing wipe

First aid kit for the rider


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One thought on “Healthcare and First Aid Kit

  1. Josh

    November 25, 2020 at 2:02pm

    Wow looks good thanks you can get everything in this kit?

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  2. Bernard Breytenbach

    July 21, 2021 at 7:54pm

    All first aid kits are very important no matter for a human or animal. All the stuff you mentioned needed in a first aid kit is a must to ensure when an emergency occurs you can handle the situation. Thank you for sharing this important information. Maybe provide a reason for each item in the first aid kit will help others understand each items importance.

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      July 22, 2021 at 6:17pm

      Hi thank you for your kind comment. We hope to help lots of yard owners and horse owners know what to and how to use the kits, however it is useful to put together a first aid kit to keep on the yard for vets and trained first aiders. A basic first aid kit should contain the items most likely to be needed to treat an injury or ailment, along with contact numbers for your vet, insurance company and transporters (if relevant). The essential items we advise to include are listed below

      A clean bowlA small pair of battery clippers for trimming hair from around woundsHibiscrubScissorsCotton woolMelolin or other non-stick dressing in a variety of sizes Soffban (roll of non-adhesive bandage used to provide some padding within a dressing)Knitfix or other conforming bandageVetrap or other self adhesive, elastic bandageE-band or other tough, adhesive dressing to secure bandageDurable bandage tape (eg Hy bandage tape)Set of stable bandagesAnimalintex or other poultice materialSilver duct tapeIntrasite gel (maintains a moist and protected environment for wounds)Flamazine (prescription required) or other antibacterial creamSterile saline (useful for cleaning wounds if no access to clean water)Syringe for flushing woundsThermometerHead torchPrescribed medicines- if your horse has a recurrent problem that can need urgent treatment your vet may leave or prescribe enough medication to start treatment whilst a visit is arranged.

      We offer training to show people how to deal with horse and rider incidents and how to use each of the items and hope to be running practical clinics in the future.

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